Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Navigate With This Heads Up Dash Display

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Keep your eyes on the road while using your smartphone to navigate with the Hudway Cast Dashboard Heads-up Display. The cast mirrors your screen so you can control basic phone functions without compromising safety. Save $40 on the Hudway Cast Dashboard Heads-up Display in the Daily Caller shop right now. Knock an additional 15% off the sales price for a limited time.

A transformative navigational experience!

A transformative navigational experience!

Why chose between navigating and road visibility? Achieve the perfect balance for an optimal safe driving experience with the Hudway Cast Dashboard Heads-Up Display for just $169.15 when you use the code WEEKEND15 at checkout 

The HUDWAY app allows you to view directions, maps, and traffic updates, ensuring you arrive at your destination on time. Because the Hudway Cast Dashboard Heads-up Display is at eye level, you can manage calls, share your location, or switch tracks without taking your peepers off the highway. The full-color projection display is 20 times brighter than any smartphone screen.

Keep your eyes on the road and navigate safely when you purchase the Hudway Cast Dashboard Heads-up Display on sale for $199 in the Daily Caller shop. Use the code WEEKEND15 at checkout for an extra 15% off, bringing the final price to $169.15.

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