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Remember The Fallen

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Honor those for whom life’s breath will no longer swell their chest. Understand that they witnessed their blood run from their veins knowing there was no hope to survive.

Today is for those that faced an enemy head-on in a mortal struggle, and lost. They did so for your behalf.

They were young and far from home. Sent to a distant land where they would meet their end with a rifle in their hand next to a man who would become a brother. They traded their lives so that you may know joy and sorrow, happiness and despair.

Your last meal was better than theirs. Your worst day ended better than theirs. They wanted to come back to a job, buy a house, take a vacation, watch their kids grow and hold hands with their wife. But that would never come to pass. Instead they came home in a flag draped casket that would be wetted by the tears of those they gave their life to protect.

War is the worst of man’s actions. It is strangers killing strangers for reasons decided by people far from the sound of the guns. Yet the people that fight the war are among the most noble of men. Few are willing to trade the title of citizen for soldier. Those who do are willing to die for the citizen.

Not everyone can become a warrior. But because of the warrior everyone can become something in our country. The gift of freedom is provided by those that fought for it. Never let their memory fade.

We are fortunate to know Memorial Day. Much more fortunate than those for which we have this day.

If the idea of America is worth fighting for, then it is worth dying for and many did. For you, for us.

Today we remember the last day of a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Coast Guard and Marine’s life. May it never have been in vain.