Training Your Pet Can Sometimes Be Hard But It Doesn’t Have To Be With Dog Care

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Potty training your pet can often be a messy affair filled with trial and error depending on how hard your dog or cat is to train. Here to assist in that process is the trusted brand Dog Care, inventors of the Scatmat pet training mat designed for intelligent and safe instruction. It especially compares well to Petsafe, another brand that sells pet essentials!

Dog Care offers three different training modes (Photo via Amazon)

Dog Care offers three different training modes (Photo via Amazon)

Dog Care’s scat mat isn’t just for dogs! Cats can also benefit from potty training with this industry leading training mat

For example,  Dog Care’s Scatmat provides 3 different training modes depending on your needs. Offering either Static,Beep, and  Beep and Static modes, the 3 different modes can all be switched easily with built-in control. For example, you could start out with Beep+Static mode, a mode which will lightly shock your pet and also alert your pet with a high-frequency beep sound whenever the pets step on the mat. Once the pet is familiar with the beep sound, owner can change its mode to Beep, meaning your pet will know to leave your belongings without getting shocks from the mat. It is a perfect behavioral correction tool for your pets. Meanwhile, Petsafe’s Scatmat only offers shock mode. 

For just $42.85, Dog Care’s Scat Mat is the clear choice for owners who want results without hurting their pet 

Plus, Dog Care is dedicated to pet safety above all so both the static mode and the Beep+Static mode have an Auto shut-off mechanism to protect your pets from constant shocks. The mat will shut off immediately when pets keep contact with the mat for over 10 seconds. Once your pets get off from the mat again after the protection mechanism is activated, DogCare mat will restart and begin working automatically – meaning you do not need to turn it off and on again whenever the protection mechanism is activated. In contrast, Petsafe training mats do not have any protection mechanism, meaning it will not shut off to prevent your pets from hurting no matter how long your pets are on it, thus putting your pet in danger. 

Three different shock levels meaning you can customize training to your pets specific needs (Photo via Amazon)

Three different shock levels meaning you can customize training to your pets specific needs (Photo via Amazon)

Amazon’s Choice for Scat Mats should be your’s too- with leading safety and efficiency training features! 

Speaking of danger, in my review of both the Dogcare and PetSafe mat, I discovered that PetSafe Traing mat is made of single conductive wire that could easily break and cut your pet, an absolutely no no for any attentive pet owner. 

Also, as if you needed any more reasons to pick Dogcare over Petsafe, Dogcare’s Scatmats can be extended meaning you can cover just a chair or a couch or even your car’s backseat depending on your needs. providing the extra flexibility to your preference when it comes to training your pet to keep certain furniture or locations alone. 

So what are you waiting for? If your pet still isn’t potty trained, Dog Care’s Scatmat is now on sale for just $42.85 for a limited time and it comes with free Prime shipping meaning you can have your pet potty trained by the end of the week!

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

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