Chris Long Says He Wants To ‘Destigmatize’ Marijuana Use In The NFL

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Chris Long isn’t backing down from his stance on marijuana in the NFL.

The two-time Super Bowl champion, with the Eagles and Patriots, recently told Dan Patrick he enjoyed his “fair share” of weed during his playing days, and his comments absolutely dominated the news cycle. If you expected him to change his tune, I can promise you he’s not. (RELATED: Chris Long Says He Used His ‘Fair Share’ Of Marijuana During His NFL Days)

“The lead was not that I smoked marijuana. The lead was that I talked about trying to destigmatize it. And hopefully the NFL will hear some of their players talk – former or current, if you have the balls – to say ‘Something needs to change,'” Long told ESPN about the Dan Patrick interview.


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Good for Long for doubling down and not changing his outlook after the initial reactions to his comments, which were both positive and negative.

The reality of the situation is that hopping up players on opioids and painkillers is probably not a great situation when it comes to the long-term outlook.

As Long has said before, the league usually only tests once a year anyway. That means players can easily just stop smoking for a brief period of time and be fine. The whole situation is stupid and a gigantic waste of time.


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Will the NFL stop banning weed? Who knows? But I’m guessing that’s the direction we’re headed in. Marijuana is already becoming increasingly relaxed around the country, and it’s likely only a matter of time before the NFL adapts.

It could happen even sooner if more players follow Long’s lead and get vocal about the league’s restrictive policies on weed.

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