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On today’s show, we discuss how former FBI Director James Comey seems to be getting nervous about the Justice Department investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation.

We also obliterate the lie that President Trump criticizing Joe Biden is unprecedented because “politics stops at the water’s edge.” Biden is also having trouble attracting large crowds and used to be a pretty big hardliner on immigration.

Finally, we expose how the media is lying about Republicans “blocking” a disaster relief bill in the House.

Listen to the show:

James Comey is back in the news and back on the defensive. For a guy who claims he has nothing to hide, he sure seems nervous about the prospect of Attorney General William Barr investigating the origins of the Russia investigation. In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Comey declared the idea that anything untoward was done in the spying on the Trump campaign to be “dumb.”

Those Democrats who say that if Trump has nothing to hide, he shouldn’t mind a congressional rehash of the Mueller investigation have a different opinion when it comes to discovering how this whole two-year mess began.

But it’s clear Comey does mind. So, what is he afraid of? We discuss it all and point out how the former FBI chief is trying to distract by claiming criticisms of him and other former leaders of the intelligence organizations is an attack on rank-and-file agents. It’s pretty desperate. (RELATED: Trump Jr. Fires Back At Comey Over Tweets Attacking Ag Barr: ‘You Sound Scared’)

President Trump criticized Joe Biden while in Japan and pearls were clutched throughout the Democratic Party media. “Politics stops at the water’s edge,” they said. But do they? Turns out President Obama was critical of then-candidate Trump and Republicans while he was overseas on eight different occasions. We have the audio and expose the hypocrisy.

Media reports show Joe Biden may be leading the Democratic field in the polls, but he’s not attracting large crowds. This “enthusiasm gap” doesn’t bode well for a guy who’s run twice before and not made it very far.

Plus, video from 2006 has resurfaced of Biden and MSNBC host Chris Matthews discussing “illegal aliens,” imposing heavy fines on anyone who hires them, and the importance of English being the language of the United States. The whole discussion is a laundry list of things Democrats are no longer allowed to say and we have it.

Finally, we expose the lie that “Republicans are blocking disaster relief” in the House. They are not. Speaker Pelosi is simply trying to use a procedural rule to sneak through $19 billion in new spending without having to hold an actual vote. We discuss it all.

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