REPORT: Texas Players And Sam Ehlinger Flying To California To See Bru McCoy Amid USC Transfer Speculation

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Texas Longhorns football program sounds like it’s in complete chaos, and receiver Bru McCoy is apparently a major reason why.

McCoy transferred to the Longhorns after an incredibly brief stint at USC. Now, he’s reportedly pondering a return to the Trojans, and Texas is doing what it can to stop that from happening.

Anwar Richardson reported Wednesday star quarterback Sam Ehlinger and other players were flying out to see Bru McCoy amid the USC speculation. (RELATED: Texas Beats Georgia In The Sugar Bowl)

Texas should just let this kid split and go back to USC. He really doesn’t seem like he’s worth the trouble. He’s one player. A solid recruit? Yes. Worth the trouble of multiple transfers? Not at this point in time.

Sending an entire unit on a plane to California to speak with him shows how much Texas values him, but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

What happens if you convince him to stay and we’re having this entire conversation again in a month?


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If I was running Texas, I’d ask the kid where he wants to play, let him make his decision and then that’d be the end of it. There’d be no constant back-and-forth.

This is major college football we’re talking about. It’s not high school. Make a decision and live with it.

If McCoy can’t do that, then Texas needs to make the decision for him by moving forward without him on the squad.


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Having your squad break their backs to get one player just isn’t worth it in the world of college football. It’s just not.

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