‘Turning The Rule Of Law On Its Head’ — Judicial Watch President Calls For Investigation Of Robert Mueller

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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton called for an investigation into Robert Mueller for suggesting “wrongdoing by an innocent person without any foundation.”

Fitton’s Wednesday night appearance on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” comes after the former special counsel delivered prepared remarks regarding his investigation.


“Well, I don’t know what reputation he had that deserved any credence until now, but it’s no longer there,” Fitton told Dobbs. “He’s really destroyed whatever reputation he’s had with this political attack on the president, turning the rule of law on its head, suggesting the president is guilty and, because he can’t prove otherwise, we should conclude that he should be impeached.”

Calling it “an abuse of power,” Fitton said that Attorney General Barr has been “too deferential” to Mueller and should have “shut down” the “report before it was even written.”

“[I]t’s been abuse piled on top of abuse targeting President Trump,” Fitton said. “And this Mr. Mueller, he needs to be investigated as well. The office of professional responsibility should be asking, ‘Why did this Justice Department prosecutor come out and suggest wrongdoing by an innocent person without any foundation?’ Because there is no foundation. If there was a foundation, there would have been indictments or requests for an indictment while highlighting that. Outrageous.” (RELATED: Dershowitz Hits Mueller For Putting ‘His Elbow’ ‘On The Scale Of Justice’)

Dobbs and Fitton discussed the cozy relationship between Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey and the possibility of collusion between the two.

“And this is why there needs to be at least an internal ethics investigation of the way the Mueller operation proceeded and its interaction with some of these witnesses,” Fitton said. “You know, Mr. Mueller, for instance, Strzok was caught red-handed writing these anti-Trump texts, these pro-Hillary Clinton texts. Strzok testified, Mueller didn’t ask him one question about whether or not his anti-Trump hatred influenced the investigation. Mueller was disinterested in that. Isn’t that curious?”

“This was about as political an intervention in our system as any Justice Department employee’s ever done,” Fitton concluded.

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