Nigel Farage Makes Tucker ‘One Promise’ That Could Rock British Politics To The Core

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Tucker Carlson told his audience Tuesday night that newly-elected British MEP Nigel Farage could be “the next Prime Minister of Great Britain” after the Brexit Party founder made a promise.


Carlson began his interview by asking Farage why his country was “still in the EU.”

Calling 2016’s Brexit victory “the most democratic exercise” voted on by “the most voters ever in the history of our nation,” Farage lamented the “traditional parties” promising to carry out the referendum’s results. Instead, they “kicked the can down the road.”

Farage then described his re-entry into British politics:

And I thought, ‘I can’t stand aside. I can’t bear the fact we are having to send members of the European parliament back to Brussels.’ So I founded the Brexit Party, and would you believe within six weeks of a brand new party being set up, we topped the polls! We smashed the Conservative Party, we smashed the Labour Party, and regrettably I’m back here in Brussels, Tucker, after 20 years, once again, as a member of the European parliament.

After a back and forth about why the EU is “considered liberal,” Farage made Tucker a promise. (RELATED: Nigel Farage Blasts BBC’s Andrew Marr During Live Interview)

Last week I have given them the biggest seismic shock that has been seen in modern British politics, and I will make you this one promise: If we do not leave the European Union on October the 31st, I will lead the Brexit Party after that into the next general election and we will sweep away parties that have dominated British politics for over 100 years.

“We could be talking to the next prime minister of Great Britain,” Tucker said before ending the interview.

Boris Johnson is currently a heavy favorite to be the leader of Great Britain’s Conservative Party, which would give him an inside path to the prime minister slot. However, Farage recently wondered whether Johnson could be “trusted” to lead the country out of the EU.

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