Game Of Thrones Actress Missed One Key Thing When Stating She Won’t Film In Anti-Abortion States

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Actress Sophie Turner announced that she would not film in anti-abortion states, but shrugged off the fact that the show that brought her stardom was filmed in a country that outlaws the practice.

The “Game of Thrones ” actress, who became famous for her role as Sansa Stark, was responding to the spate of abortion bans that have passed in a number of states, leading many in the entertainment industry to threaten boycotts.

Turner, alongside her “X Men: Dark Phoenix” costar Jessica Chastain, announced that she had signed a letter promising not to film in states where abortion was banned.

Turner joked that she had yet to tell her agents that she had signed the letter, adding, “They’re going to be like: ‘What? You can’t work in these states?’ Yeah I can’t work in these states.” (RELATED: Sophie Turner Reveals She And Joe Jonas Broke Up FOr 24 Hours Before Tying The Knot)

The reporter pressed Turner, pointing out the fact that she had filmed “Game of Thrones” in Northern Ireland where abortion is all but illegal, and she appeared to shrug off the criticism.

“There was a lot of work of ‘Game of Thrones’ there,” Turner admitted. “So luckily we’re moving on.”

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