Watch Scott Berry Celebrate After The Blues Win Game 2 Of The Stanley Cup Final

Scott Berry Scott Berry (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Scott Berry’s dream of cashing in for $100,000 is still alive after the Blues beat the Bruins Wednesday night.

Berry bet $400 on the Blues when they were a dumpster fire a few months ago, and now he’s three wins away from a $100,000 pot of cash after St. Louis tied the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final last night.

Judging from a video shared from Darren Rovell, the dude was pumped.

I don’t blame the guy for cutting loose after the overtime win from the Blues. I’d be the exact same way if I had $100,000 on the line. (RELATED: St. Louis Blues Tie Up The Stanley Cup Final 1-1 After Beating The Boston Bruins In Game 2)

That’s some serious cash. Is it life-changing money? Probably not after taxes, but it’s still a ton of money. There’s more than enough coin left over after taxes to have a little fun.

You can’t blame a guy at all for wanting to celebrate. Crack a beer and cut loose!

The only part about Rovell’s tweet that makes no sense is the part about people calling Berry an idiot for not hedging at all.

My friends, not hedging is insanely stupid. You don’t have to hedge a ton of cash, but not putting any amount down on the Bruins is wildly stupid.

Why is Rovell pretty much insinuating he’s sticking it to all of us? That’s not the case at all. Hedge the bet!

Seeing as how I’m heading to Vegas in a few months and need all the positive karma I can get ahead of throwing some money on the table, I’m certainly not cheering against Berry. I want to see everybody get paid, and winning $100,000 on the Stanley Cup Final would be about as sweet as it gets.

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