Online Suicide Forum Assisted Woman In Taking Her Own Life, According To Family Members

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A Pennsylvania woman committed suicide after allegedly receiving a recipe of drugs from a “pro-choice” suicide forum.

Shawn Shatto, 25, was found dead on May 22 by her mother, Jacqueline Bieber, who thought she was sleeping, according to a report published Tuesday by Fox43.

Bieber is now using the tragic incident to bring awareness to online websites that she claimed her daughter used to take her own life.

Bieber found her daughter lying on the floor of their Newberry Township home. Shatto was blue and cold to the touch. Initial investigation of her room found nothing to clue police into what caused the 25-year-old’s death.

After further investigation, it became clear that Shatto had been active on an online website that claims it is “a pro-choice forum, not a pro-suicide forum.” (RELATED: Former Miss Uruguay Found Hanged To Death In Mexico City Hotel)

We are not a pro-suicide forum, nor do we encourage anyone here to commit suicide. We do not provide the means or the tools to do so either,” the site posted in a disclaimer shortly after Shatto’s death, according to York Daily Record.

Shatto allegedly followed directions from a user on the forum who gave her a recipe of over the counter drugs that would keep her from vomiting up the poison that would cause her death.

“Not one person said there is another way,” Bieber said in an interview with the York Daily Record. “It’s like a cult.”

Following Shawn’s death, the Bieber family is calling for such pro-suicide websites shut down and for the people who run them to be held responsible for the hurt they cause. “They point to Suzy’s Law passed in 2013 in California, which criminalizes websites promoting suicide,” Fox43 reports.