Chris Cuomo Says Trump Base Is ‘Mostly Middle-Aged Angry White Males’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo claimed Friday that President Donald Trump’s dedicated voting base was “mostly middle-aged angry white males.”

During a conversation about the possibility of impeachment, Cuomo wondered how the process would impact voters across the board.

“The trump base (mostly middle aged angry white males) are solidly behind him, but what about the burst of younger than boomers voters?” Cuomo tweeted. “Centrists? Independents? Will the process super-motivate the left? Of course this could just come down to doing the job congress must do.”

Renewed calls for impeachment in the wake of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and subsequent address at the Justice Department have left many asking the same questions. (RELATED: Cuomo: Trump Put His Own Political Interests Over National Security)

The most recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll survey suggests that Cuomo is right to ask that question. Taken after Mueller’s statement Wednesday, the poll found that a plurality of Americans (43%) favored no action against Trump and fewer (37%) supported impeachment.

Additionally, 68% said that Democrats should accept Mueller’s finding that there was no evidence of collusion, 65% said that they should accept Attorney General William Barr’s conclusion that there was no obstruction of justice, 63% claimed that continued investigations into the president were hurting the country and 58% were ready to move on from the Russia investigation.

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