Johnny Manziel Encourages The NCAA To Let College Football Video Games To Return

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Johnny Manziel had a genius idea all Americans need to hear.

The Texas A&M Heisman winner posted a fake video game cover for the old “NCAA Football” games and captioned the Instagram post, “Run it back @ncaa.”


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Run it back @ncaa

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In case you were wondering how popular those games were for people all over the country, the post above has over 100,000 likes.

The good news for fans of the game is that it might be closer to returning than everybody thinks. The NCAA is exploring possibly compensating players for using their likeness, which was the main issue that killed the games with EA Sports after the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit. (RELATED: NCAA Sets Up Group To Look At Players Being Compensated For Their Names, Images And Likenesses)

Don’t blame Ed for the lawsuit. Blame the NCAA for refusing to give players compensation so the games could continue.

I don’t care if you love or hate Johnny Manziel. I really don’t, but this idea is absolutely genius. Bring the damn game back!

Give the athletes some money, make the game again, and let us all have something to celebrate.

I used to play the game hours every single week in college against people. It was a blast. We’d slam some beers and start airing the ball out.

Thanks to the NCAA, that all came to a crashing end after “NCAA 14.” Let’s listen to Johnny Manziel and run it back. I’ll do whatever it takes to get the game back. Trust me, I’ll do whatever is necessary.

This is now my burden to carry!