Meghan McCain Warns On Impeachment: ‘If You Take This Kill Shot, Democrats, You Better Not Miss’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain issued a stark warning Friday to House Democrats who were pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“If you take this kill shot, Democrats, you better not miss,” she said during the opening segment of ABC’s “The View.”


Cohost Sunny Hostin claimed that, at this point, failing to at least start impeachment proceedings against Trump set a dangerous precedent “because no one is above the law.” (RELATED: Sunny Hostin: We Owe Michelle Wolf An Apology For Last Year’s WHCD)

The former federal prosecutor then went on to argue that impeachment was just a criminal investigation and that the burden was on Trump to “prove to us he’s not a criminal.”

McCain jumped in then, making the point that relatively few House Democrats were in favor of moving forward with impeachment. “What’s interesting is that only 45 house members are for impeachment proceedings, which actually surprised me. It’s only 20% of House Democrats. 10% of the entire House,” she said.

“I will say if you take this kill shot, Democrats, you better not miss,” McCain added. “You better hit his jugular. If there is a finger still moving at the end of it, you will ruin your chances in 2020, but you better do this well if you’re going to do it.”

Realizing what she had said, McCain scrambled to explain that she had not meant “kill shot” literally.

“Oh, my God. I mean metaphorical,” she said. “I’m a hunter and shooter and I talk like a redneck, sorry, but I will say you have to successfully do this if you’re going to impeach him. It can’t be proceedings that don’t end up successful. Don’t take that the wrong way. I feel bad now.”

“If you’re going to swing you better hit the ball,” Joy Behar summarized.

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