Donna Brazile Claims Russia Is The Reason Hillary Clinton Isn’t President

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Donna Brazile argued Saturday morning that the reason Hillary Clinton isn’t president is the fact that “the country was attacked and she was the main victim of that attack.”


Brazile joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss the former secretary of state’s latest gig as the keynote speaker of a cybersecurity summit. (RELATED: Donna Brazile Warns Democrats Not To Focus On Impeachment)

“Let me just say this,” Brazile began. “She understands the threat. I’m sure she will talk about the remedies and what we should do going forward. As a former secretary of state she understands part of our arsenal to defend our nation is not just having bombs and all this other stuff. We have to have a good cybersecurity strategy.”

Host Pete Hegseth jumped in then, referencing Clinton’s troubled history with cybersecurity, the irresponsible handling of classified information and illegal servers.

“The irony, our own Ed Henry asked the question about wiping the server clean and she famously talked about the cloth. There is not a lot of credibility for Hillary Clinton,” he noted.

Brazile quickly changed the subject then, claiming that Russian interference was the reason that Clinton was not president.

“The reason she’s not in the White House today is the country was attacked and she was the main victim of that attack,” she said.

Cohost Jedediah Bila challenged Brazile, saying, “A lot of voters feel she’s not in the White House because she lied about sending emails over an insecure server. She missed whole states, she decided not to go …”

“I agree there are reasons,” Brazile conceded. “Number 2, number 3, one of those three is the Russians attacked the United States of America.”

Brazile came under fire for delivering debate questions to Clinton prior to the debates taking place while she was still working as a contributor for CNN.

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