‘Blinded By Evil’ — Robert Jeffress Blasts Disney For Georgia Abortion Law Boycott Threat

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Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress blasted Disney as “absolutely insane” and “blinded by evil” for threatening to boycott Georgia over its recently passed abortion bill.

The Friday night discussion between Jeffress and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs comes after Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a “fetal heartbeat bill” early last month, making abortion illegal after a heartbeat is detected. Reacting to the law, Disney CEO Bob Iger said it would be “very difficult” to film in the state because of staff reactions to the law, should it take effect in 2020.


The discussion, which began about Christian support for President Donald Trump and a call to pray for the president on Sunday, soon delved into the issue of abortion.

“The left is in a panic especially over the attempt to undo their most sacred belief, the right to kill babies in the womb,” Jeffress said, referring to leftist reaction to Trump. “And so they are going after Trump with everything they have. We’re not going to allow them to take him down. Millions of us are standing with this president not because we think he is perfect, none of us is perfect. We’re standing with this president because we know he’s right,  especially about the most important issues of life.”

“We don’t decide what is right and wrong by polls,” Jeffress added, responding to Dobbs’ question about abortion. “There are moral absolutes. There was a time in this nation’s history where the majority of Americans thought slavery was right. They thought African Americans were pieces of property and the Supreme Court validated that. The Supreme Court was wrong then as it was wrong in Roe v. Wade. I believe one day Americans will look back and see that Roe v. Wade was the Dredd Scott case of our day.”

Then Dobbs asked Jeffress to respond to Disney and Netflix “talking about withdrawing their productions” from Georgia because of the new heartbeat law. (RELATED: These Are The States That Have Passed Pro-Life Abortion Bills This Year)

“I would say let them go and don’t let the door hit them on the backside if you know what I mean,” Jeffress said. “But for Disney to do this when their whole market is children, they want to murder. They want to support the murder of their future audience. That is not only not good morals, it’s not good business either. They are absolutely insane. They are blinded by evil in their support of abortion.”

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