Daily Beast Hit With Wave Of Backlash For Doxxing Black Forklift Operator

(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The Daily Beast took a fair amount of heat over the weekend after doxxing a black forklift operator from New York over the fake “drunk Pelosi” video that circulated on social media.

The article, written by Kevin Poulsen, claimed to reveal the identity of the man who doctored the video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and was published on Saturday. (RELATED: Liberals Pounce After Facebook Execs Explain Why Doctored Pelosi Video Is Staying Up)

Shawn Brooks, the man identified by Poulsen as the culprit, admitted that he is an admin for several political Facebook pages that shared the doctored video but claims that he did not create the video and that the article got a number of other things wrong. He also suggested that the media latched onto him as a convenient “fall guy” because he’s a black conservative with a criminal record.

The criticisms from others immediately began pouring in as well.

A handful of journalists closed ranks, defending the Daily Beast and claiming that because Brooks had allegedly posted the video to pages that were labeled as news aggregators it was reasonable to expect that his name and information would be made public.

But Chad Felix Greene raised an interesting point, saying, “By arguing the man they doxxed is a journalist, and therefore ok to target, they undermine their arguments that journalists deserve special protections.”

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