Baker Mayfield Intercepts Pass During Camp For Little Kids

Baker Mayfield (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Baker Mayfield went out of his way to prove he’s a better athlete than some little kids over the weekend.

The Cleveland Browns gunslinger hosted a camp for little kids, and decided to jump in for part of a appears to be a scrimmage. (RELATED: New York Giants Trade Odell Beckham Jr. To The Cleveland Browns)

Not only did he just jump in, he intercepted a pass against children who came up to about his waist. Watch the play below.

Not only did he intercept the pass, but he ran out of bounds. If you’re going to try to dunk on young kids, maybe at least stay in the end zone.

Is this just another classic example of Mayfield’s issues? He can’t even be around little kids without having to make it all about himself.

Intercepting the pass? How thin is this kid’s skin that he can’t even let a child score on him. Shameful. Just shameful behavior.


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Mayfield also got asked his favorite target and responded with an “open receiver.” Genuis, Baker. Genius! What an original and funny thought. If his football career doesn’t last, he can always try comedy.

Someday Mayfield might become the face of franchise like all the Browns fans want. They’re such a downtrodden people who deserve the best.

After all the losing the good people of Cleveland have been through, we’d really like to see the sun shine on them just once.

Someday, the Sooners legend might actually become that player.

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