Liverpool Looks Like A War Zone Following Champions League Victory

(Photo credit: ANTHONY DEVLIN/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Fans of the English soccer team Liverpool showed up and showed out after winning the UEFA Champions League over the weekend.

Following the victory over Tottenham, fans turned the city into a scene that resembled a war zone. There was red smoke in the air like a bombing strike was about to be called in.

Check out a couple of awesome photos from the event below.

I might not know anything about soccer, but I know a hell of a party scene when I see one. As somebody who has been involved in a couple of sports riots, those pictures out of Liverpool are awesome.

Everybody I know who is plugged into the European soccer scene has always said the fans are awesome, and I would say that appears to be accurate. (RELATED: Nike Is Reportedly Paying A 13-Year-Old Female Soccer Player An Outrageous Amount Of Money)

You have to love people who celebrate a win by launching smoke bombs into the air.


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If this is how wild people get across the pond, I’m starting to think I might have to pay them a visit. Anybody who cuts loose in the fashion Liverpool did is more than alright in my book.

I sure hope the city was well-stocked with alcohol. You can’t have a party like that sober. You just can’t do it.


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Despite the fact I’m a major amateur on all things soccer-related, I still have to give a shoutout to Liverpool for being such passionate fans. Good for them.

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