Media Hunt Down Black Man For Daring To Mock Nancy Pelosi

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we get into the absurdity of The Daily Beast hunting down a man who dared to mock Nancy Pelosi. Elizabeth Warren’s lies come back to haunt her again, Democrats in California boo opposition to socialism, and Kamala Harris gets a dose of liberal’s own medicine.

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It was a video no one outside of the media cared about, a clip of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi edited to make her speech sound more slurred than usual. Who cares, right? Liberal journalists cared, and they hunted down the man allegedly responsible for creating it.

After two weeks of outrage directed toward Facebook for allowing the video remain posted, The Daily Beast found the man they say did it. They named him, exposed where he lives and what he does for a living, and his past criminal record. Thanks to the people who clutch their pearls and claim the First Amendment itself is under threat every time the president says “fake news is the enemy of the people,” this man will now have his life upended for posting something they didn’t like to social media. Journalism awards are sure to follow. We dissect it thoroughly.

Elizabeth Warren likely thought her history of lying about being a Native American was behind her. Not so much, it seems, anymore. On Friday, appearing on a popular morning radio show, her past reemerged when she was asked about it when she seemed least prepared. She desperately pandered to the largely black audience, but it didn’t work. Ultimately, one of the hosts called her “the original Rachel Dolezal,” which is both hilarious and true. We have the audio.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is not exactly setting the Democratic field on fired in his quest to win his party’s nomination. In an attempt to appeal to moderates, Hickenlooper proclaimed socialism to be the path to defeat for Democrats at the California state convention and quickly discovered how that view is not really welcome anymore. Long, sustained boos greeted the governor for stating something that the party would have cheered just a few years ago. We play the audio and analyze what it means.

After years of either ignoring or cheering conservatives being shouted down across the country, a liberal activist turned the tables on Sen. Kamala Harris over the weekend when he stormed the stage, grabbed her mic, and tried to lecture everyone on animal rights. Frankenstein’s monster always returns to destroy the castle. We get into it all.

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