Start Cooking Like A Top Chef With This Knife Set For Less Than $25

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If you’re looking to up your cooking game and spend more time in the kitchen, having the proper knife set is imperative to set you up for success. Utilizing quality tools in the kitchen is not exclusive to Top Chefs, in fact, it’s what can cut your preparation time in half. And the best part is that the proper knife set does not have to break the bank.

Become the next Top Chef!

Become the next Top Chef!

A quality professional stainless steel knife set for just $22.90? Sign me up! 

The most important knives to invest in are a Santoku knife, which is best used for chopping, dicing and mincing; it’s pretty much all-purpose. The next is a Pairing Knife, which is also very versatile and best known for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables. This Official Top Chef professional stainless steel knife set includes both a Santoku and paring knife that has been produced with ice-tempered stainless steel blades and non-slip handle surfaces.

So, if you’re ready to chop like a Top Chef, the set is currently just $22.99 (that’s 45% off the original price) and with the code WEEKEND15, you can receive an additional 15% off. Bon appétit!