Tom Brady Trains On The Beach While On Vacation

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t even take a break from football when he’s on vacation.

Brady posted a couple videos of himself at the beach, and he was getting in some reps while wearing his shoulder pads and helmet.

They might not have been the most intense of workouts, but getting in any kind of reps is better than nothing. (RELATED: Twitter Reacts To Rob Gronkowski Retiring From The NFL)

Check it out below:

This is the kind of dedication that results in six Super Bowl rings. This is the kind of dedication that puts you in the hall of fame.

Plenty of athletes just mail it in during the offseason. They take their money, go on vacation and cut loose. I don’t blame them for doing it.

Being a pro athlete can be a stressful job and you need to blow off some steam. Plus, they’re young and have money. You can’t fault them for enjoying it.

However, there’s a reason Brady has had more success than pretty much everybody else in pro sports. It’s because he’s dedicated to getting the job no matter what.

The guy has a smoke show wife, tons of money in the bank, and he’s still getting in reps on the beach while on vacation.

If that’s not the heart of champion then I don’t know what is.

It should be fun to see what Brady does in 2019. If there’s one thing NFL fans everywhere have learned, it’s that you’re an idiot to bet against the Patriots star.

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