Another ‘Nasty’ Media Hit Job On Trump Fails

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show, we get into the possibility of regulating big tech companies; the latest attempted media smear of President Donald Trump and how it failed miserably; Apple introduces an incredibly expensive new monitor that is missing one critical accessory; Mayor Pete Buttigieg despises Republicans and doesn’t think Al Franken should have resigned from the Senate.

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In possible bipartisan action, Congress looks to be moving toward regulating big tech companies. This may not end up being all it’s cracked up to be. It depends upon what any final agreement might look like, but huge companies don’t really mind regulations because they make it more difficult for any new competitors to come into existence. While a concept might be appealing, the execution matters. There’s as much chance they end up making those companies stronger as they achieve anything productive. We explain it all.

The media so desperately wanted the opportunity to smear President Donald Trump while he was overseas that they attempted to manufacture an issue by taking something innocuous he said about Meghan Markle out of context. The stories were about how he called her “nasty,” implying it was a substitute for a much worse word. The only problem is it’s such a transparent smear, and absolutely not what the president said, that even the British journalist who conducted the interview called it “overblown” on CNN, much to their chagrin. We have the audio.

Apple is offering a new monitor for the discount price of $5-$6,000, but there’s a catch. For that price you get everything except one important piece — a stand of any kind. If you want your monitor to do more than lay on your desk, Apple is offering a stand for the bargain price of $1,000. That’s all it does is hold the monitor. And people worry Apple isn’t going to be on the cutting edge of innovation under Tim Cook’s leadership?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was stumped by a couple of questions during a town hall with Chris Matthews. Pete, who is portrayed as a moderate Democrat who wants to bring the country together, couldn’t name a single living Republican he respects. He ended up spitting out one name — Wendell Wilkie — who was a Republican only for the last 5 years of his life. He also went against the old Democratic Party mantra of “believe all women” when he told the crowd he wouldn’t have supported pressuring former Senator and accused groper Al Franken to resign. We have all the unbelievable audio.

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