Wanda Sykes Mocks Old Couple Who Walked Out On Her For Bashing Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Wanda Sykes spent some of her time on ABC’s “The View” Tuesday mocking an old couple who walked out on her show because she was bashing President Donald Trump.


Sykes explained that she had built a reputation for bashing the president during her shows and that when she didn’t lead off with the Trump jokes, she could tell that her audience was waiting for them.

“If I didn’t start off with Trump jokes I can see all my fans sitting there like, come on, bring it, bring it, when is it coming?” she explained. “So I said I’m just going to start off with the Trump jokes up front, and then I’d see 10 or 12 people get up and leave.” (RELATED: Trump Bashing Leads To Walkout At Wanda Sykes Show: ‘I Paid For A Comedy Show, Not A Political Venue’)

She went on to bring up one specific occasion, mocking an older woman who clearly wanted to storm out but had to wait for her husband, who was using a walker and couldn’t keep up with her.

“One of the funniest — you missed it. You were about to come to the show in Florida,” Sykes said. “I’m doing the Trump stuff and this old lady gets up and she’s mad. She’s about to walk out. So she gets like maybe 20 feet down the aisle and she’s cursing at me and everything and she’s trying to storm out and then she turns and she has to wait for her husband and he’s with a walker. I’m like, this is just the saddest walkout I’ve ever seen. I was like, y’all might as well by the time you get to the door I’m going to be done.”

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