Wanda Sykes Says She’ll Only Vote For Biden If He ‘Gets A Boyfriend’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian Wanda Sykes said Tuesday that the only way she’d vote for former Vice President Joe Biden was if he had a boyfriend.

Sykes, who appeared on ABC’s “The View” to discuss her new Netflix stand-up special, was happy to share her thoughts on the upcoming 2020 Democratic primary.


Sykes began by saying that she didn’t understand why President Donald Trump hadn’t already been impeached, adding that her main goal in 202o was to see the country change directions. “I think in 2020 we need to do a 180, right?” she asked (RELATED: Wanda Sykes: Repealing Obamacare Is Racist Because Obama Is Black)

“So I’m like, give me the old lady, the black lady or the gay guy,” she cracked.

“You don’t care who it is. Who’s the old lady?” Joy Behar asked.

“Elizabeth,” Sykes responded. “Give me Liz Warren, Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg.”

“How about the old man, where is he on the list?” Behar asked.

“We had the old white men over and over again. I’m tired of ’em!” Sykes shot back. “Tired of old white men!”

“These old white people, they want someone who looks like them. Did you notice that? That’s probably why Biden is ahead,” Behar explained.

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in then, arguing that Biden may be ahead because people believe that he is capable of taking America back to the way things were when Barack Obama was president. “No, you know why Biden is ahead, everybody believes he can clean it quick,” she said. “Believes he can clean it up like that.”

“I’m going to tell you, if Biden gets a boyfriend, he has my vote,” Sykes laughed. “That’s all I need. A man on the side, we good.”

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