Are Conservatives Wrong About The Politics Of Impeachment?

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we discuss how the conventional wisdom about impeachment and why Democrats would be hurt by doing it could be very wrong. We also discuss the charges against former Broward County Sheriff Scot Peterson for failing to act in the Parkland shooting; how the media built someone up only to destroy them a day later for “wrong-think”; and Joe Biden blames the president for the murder of “black trans women” while Democrats ignore the carnage in cities they control.

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There’s a bit of conventional wisdom that says Democrats won’t actually go through with impeachment because it could end up helping President Donald Trump politically. This idea comes from the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton, who saw his poll numbers increase when he was impeached. What people don’t consider is how the media, in the case of Clinton, was full on board with protecting him. The narrative changed to paint Clinton as the victim of Republican partisanship, even though he was clearly guilty of the crimes he was accused of. That helped boost his poll numbers. There is no reason to believe the media would do anything other than the exact opposite for Trump. We get into all of it on the show.

Democrats are planning on bringing disgraced Watergate figure John Dean in to testify before Congress next week on the Mueller report. Why? Because it’s a clown show. Dean, a convicted felon who was heavily involved in Watergate and lost his law license because of it, is now a liberal media personality willing to be used in an attempt to tie Trump to Nixon. This is naked partisan politics and had nothing to do with “fact finding.” We get into it.

There is no question that Scot Peterson failed to act during the Parkland shooting, but should that inaction be criminal? Peterson, the former county sheriff, has been charged with multiple counts of felony child neglect for that failure. And while the urge to punish people for that tragedy is understandable, should it be happening? We discuss.

The media celebrated a gay black man who filmed himself confronting a woman who called him an f-ing n-word, but a day later things were different. Someone went through his old tweets and determined he was a transphobe over things he tweeted 2 years earlier. He learned the hard way that the same media that can create a hero, can and will destroy that person if it suits the needs of the liberal political agenda.

Joe Biden gave a speech to a gay right group the other day, and in it he essentially accused the president of being responsible for the murder of 5 black trans-women. Meanwhile, all Democrats ignore the carnage in cities they’ve controlled for generations. We have the audio and point out the hypocrisy.

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