We Defeated Nazi Germany, But Fascism Still Thrives On The Left

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day by answering the question “Could we win World War II today?” The Allies defeated Nazi Germany, but fascism is alive and well on the political left. YouTube, at the urging of “progressive” activists, is purging people with unpopular opinions in the name of tolerance. Joe Biden is in another plagiarism scandal, his third. Chanting “lock her up” was portrayed as a threat to democracy, but Nancy Pelosi saying she wants the president to be “in prison” is A-OK with the pearl-clutching class. And we replay the audio of the breaking news from 75 years ago that informed the American public that the invasion of Europe had begun.

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Could we win WWII today? Probably not. While fascist Germany was defeated, fascism was not. The ideology and its tactics have found a welcoming host in academia, entertainment, journalism, and the Democratic Party. Activists masquerading as journalists incited a purge (progressives love their purges) of YouTube of impure thoughts and even of people who don’t violate their terms of service, but come close to doing so. The “line” is now wherever leftists draw it at any given moment. And this purge was led and cheered by self-proclaimed champions of the First Amendment.

We couldn’t win WWII today because a large percentage of the political left would side with our enemies or wonder what we did to provoke war; like we had it coming. Our military is the strongest the planet has ever known, but the political will to defeat our enemies is no longer universal. You can’t move the boat when half the team is rowing in the opposite direction. We make the case.

Joe Biden has a history of plagiarism. In 1987, he had to drop his bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination because he’d been exposed as having plagiarized in college and in a campaign speech, where he’d used words from a British politician’s biographical speech as his own. Old habits die hard, and Biden has been caught again using other people’s words as his own. While it’s unlikely Biden ever read, or is even all that familiar with, the position papers his campaign released, portions of two of those papers were direct lifts from the works of others. It was so bad even CNN called him out for it. Well, not everyone at CNN. We have the audio and play a nice game of “Imagine if Trump had done it.” (RELATED: Trump Says ‘Plagiarism Charge’ Against Biden’s Climate Change Plan ‘Is A Big Problem’)

Nancy Pelosi, the third person in line for the presidency, reportedly wants to see President Donald Trump “in prison.” The silence from people who proclaimed a fun chant at Trump rallies are a “threat to democracy” have been strangely silent on the speaker of the House coming out in favor of imprisoning the president of the Untied States, especially since his only “crime” is being a Republican. What happened to all the media “this is what happens in a banana republic” talk we heard over harmless chants? We get into all of it.

Finally, since today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, we play the original breaking news from June 6, 1944, announcing the invasion had begun. It’s interesting not only to hear the actual historical record firsthand, but to compare how breaking news was handled then compared to now.

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