Quiz: Who Are The 12 People With More Twitter Followers Than Donald Trump?

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

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President Trump may have some of the most recognizable and important tweets on Twitter, but he does not have the most followers on the site.

With Trump inching closer to passing the current No. 11 most-followed person on Twitter, Kim Kardashian West, we took a look at the most followed accounts overall on the social media platform. (RELATED: Ocasio-Cortez Blocks The Daily Caller On Twitter)

The American public has seen its fair share of controversies regarding presidents and their number of Twitter followers. Former President Barack Obama was in office saw a sharp decline in his number of followers while in office due to Twitter eliminating fake accounts from the site. During the purge, Obama and many other famous tweeters lost an abundance of followers, shifting the top accounts on the site.

The people ahead of the most powerful man in the country include several different athletes, companies, music icons and celebrities. With social media expanding and everything virtually being posted on Twitter, No. 1 may be shocking for most people.

Are you able to identify the different people ahead of Trump in our latest quiz? Which of the top 12 names surprised you the most?

Try our quiz and see how your favorite accounts stack up.