Zdeno Chara Says He’s Not Worried About Getting Hurt Worse Ahead Of Game 5

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Boston Bruins star Zdeno Chara doesn’t sound too worried about making his injuries any worse tonight during game five of the Stanley Cup Final.

The NHL legend currently has a broken jaw that he suffered in a game four loss to the St. Louis Blues after taking a puck to the face. If you thought Chara, who has his mouth wired shut, was worried about continuing to play, you’d be very wrong. (RELATED: St. Louis Blues Win Game 4 Of The Stanley Cup Final Against The Bruins, Tie Series 2-2)

Chara said the following in a written statement to the media Thursday about the challenges of playing hurt, according to

At this time of the playoffs, everyone has injuries and there are challenges that you have to overcome to play. I’m no different than any player on either team. How did he weigh the risk of further injury when deciding whether to play? You don’t think about that. You think about playing. You don’t go into a game thinking you might get hurt.

My friends, this is the type of attitude you’ll only ever see in hockey. The man has a broken jaw! A broken jaw!

Could you imagine an NBA player trying to play in a game with a broken jaw? That’ll never happen because only hockey guys possess that kind of toughness.

Dude gets smoked by a puck and is coming back to play with his jaw wired shut. That’s what the Stanley Cup Final is all about. That’s the difference between hockey players and every other sport. He’d probably rather die on the ice than not play. He’d rather risk severe injury than leave his teammates on the Bruins hanging.


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Tonight should be an epic matchup. The series is tied up after four games, Chara is going to lead by example by playing with an injury that would put most in the hospital and hockey fans everywhere will get to soak it up.

Tune in tonight at 8:00 EST on NBC to find out who will jump out to a 3-2 lead in the series. It’s going to be absolutely fascinating to see what Chara is able to do given his physical condition.

Major props to him for playing with a damn broken jaw.

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