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Afternoon Mirror: BuzzFeed Culture Writer Has ‘Vulgar’ Curiosity About Other People’s Divorces

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Am I the only one that thinks the term ‘fam’ (for family) is lazily dismissive?”

Rob Lowe, actor. In 2011, his son, Matthew, was an intern on Capitol Hill for then-House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). (RELATED: Rob Lowe Says He Turned Down Role On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’)

MOOD: “It’s my birthday send nudes.”

Alex Jung, senior writer, Vulture, New York Mag.

Vox reporter Carlos Maza had a funny reaction to the Human Events piece on him: “Carlos Gaza’s Reign of Terror.” He asked, “Did my fucking therapist write this shit? I am so done.”

Cernovich sides with Meghan McCain’s old pal ‘Denise’ 

“It’s a fair point. @McAllisterDen was hung out to dry by conservatives for making a crass (and in my view inappropriate) remark about a gay man. Crowder has singled out a gay guy and make crass remarks about him for years. It’s still a boys club.” — Mike Cernovich, filmmaker, conservative pundit.

A note on Steve Crowder… 

“Steve Crowder is lame, unfunny and too fleshy for someone who so frequently needs to remind his audience that he likes to work out. It doesn’t bother me that he can’t make money on YouTube anymore. The little Vox obsessive is weird, too.” — Eddie Scarry, commentary writer, Washington Examiner.

Cernovich added, “Jokes about gays in general vs. targeting a gay man with anti-gay slurs during Pride Month. Obviously I’m against censorship, but don’t be obtuse. Anyone with social intelligence sees the difference between “just jokes” and what Crowder was doing.”

Travel Bitches



“Dear @AmericanAir: Usually I vastly prefer you to United and especially Delta. But a 45 minute delay in my flight taking off, all of which involves sitting on the tarmac while I have a raging migraine and there’s little AC and no phone charging on the plane is no bueno.” — Liz Mair, communications strategist.

“OK @AmericanAir except for my complaint about the USB ports not working I retract my complaint. It seems the issue is one of your passengers who’s pissed she didn’t get the window seat she paid for claiming the person next to her is a terrorist or something. Not your fault.”

More Mair: “Any chance you feel like giving everyone on this flight from Miami to DCA a voucher or something? Your flight attendants are awesome but this is not ideal.”

But wait…was there a terrorist on board the plane? 

“Now everything is set to deplane. Not allowed to take our carry ons with us. Sniffer dog will come on. I bet this is gonna be some stupid shit like she heard someone speaking something that sounded ‘foreign’ or the passenger next to her was doing math or something.”

“Obviously if there is a terrorist on this plane I hope the fucker gets arrested. Tho the rate this ‘deplaning’ is moving at, we’d likely all be dead before then anyway. If there is no terrorist oaths plane, I hope the person who made the complaint gets arrested. And a migraine.”

“Surprise, surprise, no bomb on plane. Now we’re rebounding. Hopefully the passenger who complained gets her stupid window seat. We’re now 2 hours late, should have been in DC an hour from now. I hope the complainer gets real bad stomach flu.”

“HOLY SHIT it appears that police in @iflymia’s solution was to haul a Middle Eastern/South Asian looking guy off the plane. NOT in cuffs so I have to assume he did not actually do anything, except happen to look like the complainant evidently thinks terrorists look.”

Politico reporter doesn’t like his ‘lazy’ family sleeping in 

“First day of summer and the lazy family is sleeping in. Think imma drop a bunch of pots, pans and glasses in everyone’s rooms.” — Marc Caputo, reporter, Politico.

Female D.C. reporters weigh in on getting an epidural 

“I’ve been watching labor and delivery vlogs recently (bc that time is creeping up for me!), and I just watched one that made me so mad. A woman had been in labor for 12 hours w no pain meds, & ashamedly asked her husband if he was OK with her getting an epidural. Like WHAT?!” — Emily Singer, senior political reporter, ShareBlue.

She added, “I feel like there’s this new culture where women are shamed into wanting ‘natural birth,’ as if getting an epidural is somehow a sign of shame. Why are we doing this to ourselves?!”

Emily Tillett, reporter, CBS Politics: “I mean this with zero exaggeration: There is nothing more glorious than the feeling of your epidural kicking in after excruciating pain of contractions. It’s like the world turns a little more technicolor. Also recommend asking for laughing gas if you’re anxiety-prone.”

Mom sends reporter chocolate covered strawberries — to his office 

“Not telling my coworkers that it was my mom who sent chocolate covered strawberries to the office for my birthday. Instead I’ll let them believe I sent them to myself (no one believes a woman would send me anything).” — Joe Gabriel Simonson, reporter, Washington Examiner.

In other Simonson news… “Boys chat has evolved from calling all pictures of me ugly to now suggesting I avoid the doctor because I’m probably terminally ill.”


“Just so y’all know, I’ve been HIV+ for 11 years. I am in good health and modern medicines have reduced my prior ‘terminal illness’ into a ‘managed condition.’ Thank you for your wonderful and kind prayers and good thoughts!” — Chad Felix Greene, senior contributor, The Federalist.


Should we all be worried about the Rev. Al Sharpton‘s meager daily calorie intake? Here.

Madonna regrets spending five minutes with NYT reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis. Here. Read the NYT profile on Madonna here.

Raheem Kassam may want to take a good look in a mirror. This week, the ex-Breitbart “London” Bureau Chief editor who recently relaunched Human Events, trashed National Review senior writer David French and wrote that the mag is “obsessed with itself.” He also says National Review and French owe President Trump and the “broader conservative movement” an apology, which is just a barfy thing to say. Whatever you do, don’t watch the self-obsession at Human Events under Kassam’s reign. Your eyes might burn.

David French: “No one at NR takes their call seriously. I certainly don’t. It’s worth a laugh more than anything else.”

Ben Shapiro: “You may disagree with @DavidAFrench’s approach to politics. But to suggest that he is somehow insufficiently committed to conservative ideas and values is simply incompatible with reality.”

Human Events editor brags about his booze intake 

“WaPo and MSNBC going nuts someone spent 26 nights in Trump Hotel. That’s like, $12,000. I spend more in there a year on booze. I don’t get special ‘access’ because of it. It’s just a nice, central hotel. Idiots.” — Raheem Kassam. (RELATED: Kassam Says He Punched A Guy At Trump Hotel, Then Said He Was Joking)

A New York Daily News reporter is worried… “This guy says he spends $12K/year on booze at the Trump hotel in DC. That’s an extraordinary sum, so let’s imagine he likes the signature cocktails, which cost $26.6 on average(!). If we use that as an estimate, he still downs *37.5* such cocktails/month. Maybe slow down buddy!” — Chris Sommerfeldt, reporter, NYDN.

Like a 12-year-old, Kassam replied, “Imagine thinking 37 cocktails a month is a lot. I mean that’s a lot for a week maybe. But a month? Avg: 3 cocktails a night. Avg: 3 nights a week. Avg: 36 a month. Or is it the extra one that’s driving him nuts?”

A high school porn star’s story gets written up in The Atlantic. Here.

Pardes Seleh puts her hair in the hands of her followers

Seleh formerly worked for Mediaite and Fox News. (RELATED: Ex-Fox News Reporter Rejected From D.C. Abode Because Of Her Politics)

Female reporter gets sarcastic with The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg 

Backstory: Goldberg, who is the executive editor, said this week that 10,000-word stories are mainly written by white men. He says he didn’t state it clearly or well. But he apparently didn’t mean to say that women can’t do it, just that they haven’t been given the opportunity, which is something he is “trying to change.” He claimed he asked for a correction.

His exact quote to Nieman Lab‘s Laura Hazard Owen:

“It’s really, really hard to write a 10,000-word cover story. There are not a lot of journalists in America who can do it. The journalists in America who do it are almost exclusively white males. What I have to do — and I haven’t done this enough yet — is again about experience versus potential. You can look at people and be like, well, your experience is writing 1,200-word pieces for the web and you’re great at it, so good going!”

“That’s one way to approach it, but the other way to approach it is, huh, you’re really good at this and you have a lot of potential and you’re 33 and you’re burning with ambition, and that’s great, so let us put you on a deliberate pathway toward writing 10,000-word cover stories. It might not work. It often doesn’t. But we have to be very deliberate and efficient about creating the space for more women to develop that particular journalistic muscle.”

“Can’t wait for a man to teach me how to write 10,000 words.” — Lyz Lenz, Columbia Journalism Review. (RELATED: Female Media Writer — By Day She Was Sobbing, By Night, F**king)

Confessional II. 

“My worst/most shameful habit is spending large chunks of time trying to discern via online presence if someone I haven’t spoken to in 10 years got a divorce. To be clear, this is never for romantic reasons; it is always vulgar curiosity.” — Anne Helen Peterson, senior culture writer, BuzzFeed News.

Rick Wilson thinks Mike Huckabee is the dumbest ‘fuckwit’ on the internet 

“There are times when I ponder the eternal question of just who is the dumbest, most egregious fuckwit on the Internet? Then I realize the answer is always you, Mike. Always.” — Rick Wilson, GOP pundit, Trump hater.

He was responding to… Huckabee’s remark about Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel: “Must have been an ‘awkward’ moment for Angela Merkel to sit in ceremony as the Allies commemorated D-Day that broke the back of Nazi Germany.”

D.C. publicist calls Trump dumb 

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon – We did that 50 years ago. They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!”

KURT BARDELLA: “Wow … you really are just dumb … like didn’t get passed elementary school dumb.”

Ex-Breitbart reporter Katie McHugh has more to say 

“Since exposing neo-Nazis and sex predators does not seem to elicit any sense of urgency and because I was a woman trapped in an extremist movement who is automatically regarded as trash, let me explain some things, finally.” — Katie McHugh, formerly a reporter for Breitbart News and We Got News. She was an intern for The Daily Caller.

When a detractor, Nicholas Fuentes, host of American First, told her to “fuck off,” she replied, “Excuse me. Fuck you, hateful son-of-a-bitch.”

She continued, “Fuck you.”

And this: “They are evil. It breaks my heart to have people harass and torment me for exposing them.”

Note: She names names, but you’ll have to look at her feed yourself. 

Read Rosie Gray‘s story for BuzzFeed News about McHugh here.