Graham Mertz Says The 2019 Wisconsin Football Team Is ‘Different’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz wants the fans to know things will be different this upcoming football season.

The freshman phenom tweeted Thursday afternoon, “These 2019 wisco boys are coming different.. just wait.” (RELATED: Will Jack Coan Or Graham Mertz Start At Quarterback For The Wisconsin Badgers?)

You can go ahead and shoot this kind of energy directly into my veins. Don’t even hesitate. Shoot it into me immediately.

This young man has the whole state set to DEFCON 2 and we’re right on the verge of going to DEFCON 1. He hasn’t played a single snap yet, and he’s still the biggest hype man in the game right now. I literally can’t get enough.

Things damn sure better be different in 2019. We entered last season with all the hype in the world and finished the season with five losses.

You best believe me when I say I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that never ever happens again during my lifetime. (RELATED: Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz Sends Message To His Critics, Says All His ‘Chips’ Are ‘In’)


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It sounds like Mertz is on the same wavelength. He knows what’s going on behind the scenes in all the team activities. If he says things are going to be different, then I’m all in. All in!

Get this kid out onto the field ASAP. He was the number one QB recruit in the country for a reason, and he’s already become the face of the program.

He’s literally the most talked about football topic in the state. Badgers fans are exploding with excitement and he’s dumping fuel on the fire.

The journey begins August 30 against USF. I’ll be about a dozen beers deep by kickoff, and we’re rolling in hot if Mertz gets the first snaps.

Once he takes the field, the lid on Wisconsin football will officially get blown clean off.

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