Vote: Which Celebrity Would Make The Best President?

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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President Donald Trump defied the odds going from a well-known celebrity businessman to America’s 45th president, opening the opportunity for other household names in future presidential elections.

Trump’s rise to the top of the political empire left other celebrities both shocked and impressed that his popularity propelled him to the presidency. This change in politics could shift votes toward the more popular candidate over the one with a stronger resume.

This is where the celebrities come in. Some of these celebrities have either supported or admitted that they voted for a certain candidate while others have openly discussed an interest in potentially becoming president. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Reveals New Music Has ‘Political Undertones’)

Being a successful president is not all about accomplishments, it is also about your overall likability while serving in office. Celebrities are often beloved by the public, making their campaigns more popular.

There are several famous people who have teased the idea of eventually running for the position, but we narrowed it down to five overall key figures in television, comedy and the music industry who could make the jump over to the political side.

Let us know who would make the best 46th President by voting below!