Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo Criticize ‘Ignorant,’ ‘Bigoted’ Straight Pride Parade

Scott Morefield | Reporter

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo blasted the concept of a “straight pride parade” as “bigoted” and “ignorant” during a conversation on Friday night’s “CNN Tonight.”

The “straight pride parade” is being organized in Boston by members of a group called the Super Happy Fun America organization in response to Gay Pride Month.


“It only became legal for me, people like me to be married in June of 2015, not so long ago,” Lemon told Cuomo. “People can still lose their job because of their sexual orientation. People still get killed because of it. You know, I don’t know if people walk up — many people, I’m sure it does happen, say ‘you’re straight and therefore I want to get rid of you, I’m going to kill you.’ If you look at toxic things said online about people, members of the LGBTQ community, if you look at the criticism of me, go on any social media site, any criticism, a lot of it is rooted in homophobia.”

After a back and forth on perceived stereotypes of the gay community, Lemon’s comment to “march if you want on your straight pride parade” was quickly interrupted by Cuomo. (RELATED: ‘Satisfying And Uplifting’ — Black Church Pastors Tell Don Lemon They Are ‘Encouraged’ By Pence Visit After Arson)

“No, no no, not on this one,” Cuomo said.

“But know that you’re being ignorant,” said Lemon, finishing his thought.

“Straight pride, at best you’re being ignorant if join,” said Cuomo, to which Lemon added, “and bigoted.”

Cuomo then compared the idea of a straight pride parade to “all lives matter.”

But let’s be honest you know what you’re doing you’re trying to say that you don’t like what you see as its opposite. There is no need for a straight pride. This is about recognizing minorities, recognizing people that need a come-up, not about saying that we’re all equal we can all do it. That’s the same thing as saying ‘all lives matter.’

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