OPINION: Jim Acosta Is A Hero, Just Ask Him

Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we talk about clickbait headlines and the lack of payoff; Jim Acosta’s new book; President Donald Trump winning a major victory with Mexico on immigration and the media trying to spin it; the TSA is being sued for violating a grandmother while waiving requirements for illegal aliens; and Detroit’s “green” streetlight problem is far from solved.

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The headline said the president “fumed,” but the story was about just one tweet critical of MSNBC. Still, it got the job done — people clicked on it. And people wonder why Trump’s criticisms of “fake news” resonate with so many people. We get into it.

That rolls nicely into a discussion of CNN’s Jim Acosta and his new book “Enemy of the People.” Appearing on the ironically named “Reliable Sources,” Acosta and host Brian Stelter clutched their pearls over presidential criticisms of “fake news.” They’re convinced it will lead to violence, yet didn’t address when left-wing media lies led to the attempted murder of congressional Republicans by a progressive Democratic activist. We connect those dots for them.

The Trump administration announced Friday that a deal had been reached with Mexico to avoid the implementation of tariffs over the country’s refusal to secure their southern border against illegal aliens making their way to the U.S. It was a big victory, and the media can’t allow the president any victories. The story quickly became about how Mexico had agreed to do many of the elements of the new agreement back in March, therefore this wasn’t a victory at all. But the thing is, while Mexico may have agreed to some of the points, they hadn’t done anything about them until the tariff threat. Suddenly, they’re moving. What good is an agreement if your partner does not follow through on their end? Now they are. If that’s not a victory, the word has lost all meaning. We explain.

The TSA is waiving the ID requirement to fly for illegal aliens. U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill to fly these unidentifiable illegals anywhere in the U.S. they have family or friends willing to take them in. Meanwhile, a grandmother who’d paid extra for TSA Pre-Check was forced to remove a feminine hygiene product after a physical search. It’s almost more advantageous to be in this country illegally than to be a taxpayer.

And Detroit was recently praised for going “green” with their new LED streetlights, after years of darkness. But these new, expensive lights that were supposed to last a decade are already burning out. After $185 million to install them, the city now has to pony up an additional $9 million to replace defective lights. It’s “green,” alright, just a different type of green.

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