CARTER PAGE: John Dean Hearing Showed Democrats In Full Cover-Up Mode

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Carter Page Contributor
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Instead of figuring out why America’s intelligence community is protecting partisan political operatives, House Democrats would rather keep undermining justice.

That’s the takeaway from today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with John Dean, President Nixon’s disgraced White House Counsel. Instead of calling witnesses who could expose the corrupt figures in the U.S. intelligence community who tried to take out President Trump, House Democrats called Dean to talk about “parallels” between Trump and Watergate.

The hearing is part of a disturbing trend in which Democrats and certain intelligence officials have worked to prevent the public from learning more about their misdeeds.

Following the announcement of President Trump’s decision to authorize declassification of documents related to the illicit surveillance of innocent Americans, CNN analyst and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that this decision could put “people’s lives at risk.”

MSNBC analyst and former CIA Director John Brennan also expressed concern, saying the information “could in fact put people’s lives in great jeopardy as well as put very sensitive and very exquisite U.S. intelligence capabilities at risk.”

For decades, I served as one of those very sources that they belatedly claim a desire to protect. While they now use lofty rhetoric to portray themselves as guardians of national security, the detailed history of the coup attempt against President Trump reveals a different reality.

In the wake of defamatory news reports based on the “Dodgy Dossier” in September 2016, I faced frequent death threats and countless risks to my life. It all stemmed from the U.S. intelligence community’s illicit conspiracy with the Democratic Party. Strong support from loyal media advocates exacerbated these misperceptions.

Through countless meetings with agents from intelligence agencies over the past quarter century, I had made important prior contributions to those “very exquisite” capabilities. But when the Democratic National Committee and its partners in government fraudulently used illicit sources to illegally interfere in the 2016 election, my life and the lives of countless other Trump supporters were frequently put at risk.

Given Clapper and Brennan’s new career track as media pundits, they now stand as members of the same industry that played a vital role in this DNC-sponsored misinformation campaign.

The partisan Mueller report included extensive references to my long series of in-depth meetings with FBI agents in March 2017. But like most of their one-sided tome, these misleading accounts left out the most essential details from those interviews, which were frequently leaked by the intelligence community in subsequent years.

I was initially excited when the agents sprung up on me early that month. Nearly half a year earlier, I had sent a letter to the FBI’s then-Director James Comey and pleaded to him: “Although I have not been contacted by any member of your team in recent months, I would eagerly await their call to discuss any final questions they might possibly have in the interest of helping them put these outrageous allegations to rest.”

Rather than take me up on my offer, Comey’s bureau used the DNC-funded Dodgy Dossier to mislead the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. It would serve as a key source in false affidavits in both October 2016 before the election and again during the days leading up to President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. These abusive pleadings would only continue over the months that followed.

After I waited for nearly half a year, the FBI visited me in early 2017. At the time, I was enthusiastic, because it offered me an opportunity to provide essential evidence of the terroristic threats I had received. The agents I met with said they would turn the information over to the appropriate officials at the bureau to investigate the threats.

However, these threats only persisted in subsequent months, aided by more misleading and illegal leaks from the government.

The alleged criminal abuse of process in a once-revered federal court is now under review by the Department of Justice, the Senate Judiciary Committee and other bodies on Capitol Hill. But the fact that the Democrats and their loyal servants in government have themselves “put people’s lives in great jeopardy” has received almost no attention.

In February of this year, I again implored FBI Director Christopher Wray to release essential information about the terror threats that I have faced. Rather than completely relinquish hope in an institution I had voluntarily served for many years, I asked for the bureau’s support with another follow-up letter this month.

But in the wake of the dangerous situation that the bureau helped to create in 2016, they have still apparently done nothing to help ensure my safety nor to begin restoring the integrity of the courts. By allowing these terror threats, foreign-intelligence operations, major white-collar crime and other core elements of their agency’s mission to remain unaddressed, the FBI is failing to achieve its “priorities.”

The mess that the DNC and the intelligence community jointly created in the federal court system is just the start of damage they have caused. Brennan was unwittingly correct about “information that could in fact put people’s lives in great jeopardy.”

In conjunction with the DNC’s illicit smear campaign, the intelligence community did just that on the Obama administration’s watch: put people’s lives at risk.

Carter Page (@CarterwPage) is managing partner of Global Natural Gas Ventures LLC. Since 2016, he has served as an unpaid volunteer in the Trump movement.

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