Ranking The 5 Worst Flag Code Violations A Person Can Commit

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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The American flag is one of the greatest signs of patriotism and revolution that this country has ever seen, but some people violate the flag’s code every single day, whether on purpose or by accident.

When it comes to the American flag, the country’s citizens — especially those in the military — take the symbol of the country extremely seriously. From its abundance around cities and national attractions to hanging in front of people’s houses, the American flag is truly one of the more beloved flags out of them all. (RELATED: Stanford Frat Told Their American Flag Was ‘Offensive’ By Admin, Hangs Much Bigger Flag)

There are people who ignore the beauty of stars and stripes either knowingly or unknowingly disgracing the flag by ignoring the flag code that is in place.

Several of these five violations you rarely see every day, but one of these rules are much more common and almost seen every single day.

Below are the five worst violations that a person can commit regarding flag code: