Colorado Coach Mel Tucker Discusses Scheduling Changes To The PAC-12, Wants It To Be Like The SEC

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University of Colorado football coach Mel Tucker thinks the SEC does scheduling the correct way.

Tucker, who coached in the SEC at Alabama and Georgia, wants the freedom to schedule cupcakes before big games at the end of this season. The guys down south are notorious for playing garbage schools to end the year, and that’s an idea he apparently endorses. (RELATED: Will Jack Coan Or Graham Mertz Start At Quarterback For The Wisconsin Badgers?)

Brooks told the Denver Post the following when discussing the scheduling format:

They changed the rule, and we’re allowed to do this, so I know, in a couple of years, we’ve got Northern Colorado (in 2021) and instead of it being Week 2, it can be Week 11. Before you play Auburn, at Alabama, you play Louisiana Monroe, right? Well before we play Utah in the last game of the year, you’re playing USC. So we can help ourselves in scheduling that way. But we’ve got to be aggressive in putting really good teams on our schedule.

First off, Tucker is a fellow Wisconsin man, and I want to take it easy on him. However, it’s that angle that makes me even more disappointed in his comments.

I have a better idea for Tucker and all the other coaches around the country. Let’s stop scheduling FCS programs like Northern Colorado entirely, and how about we just play against real competition.

As a Wisconsin man, this is the standard of excellence I’d expect out of Tucker and everybody else tied to the Badger State.


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Apparently, spending some time in the SEC makes you soft. You just hate to see it! You’d think being under Nick Saban’s leadership would make you tough.

In reality, it just makes you want soft schedules.

There’s no reason, and I mean absolutely no reason, any Power Five school needs to play an FCS opponent. I don’t care if you play them in Week 1 or Week 11.

If you’re playing an FCS program as a major FBS team, then you need to reevaluate the decisions that led you to that point.

If Mel Tucker wants to turn the Buffaloes into a power program, he should do what Wisconsin does and not what the SEC does. Forget the FCS programs and stick to FBS squads. It’s a much smarter decision.

Let’s not debate what week teams should be playing FCS programs, and let’s just all agree to not ever play them. It seems like the best option on the table.