NCAA Denies Eligibility Waiver For Illinois Tight End Luke Ford, Must Sit Out The Year

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The NCAA, once again, proved it’s a terrible organization when it denied Luke Ford’s request to play immediately at Illinois.

Ford applied for a waiver after he transferred from Georgia to be closer to his sick grandfather. It was denied the first time around and then the appeal was shot down because his grandfather isn’t part of the “nuclear family,” according to CBS Sports late Friday afternoon. (RELATED: Wisconsin Opens As 10 Point Favorite Against USF August 30th)

The NCAA also said Illinois isn’t within the 100-mile range necessary for a waiver of this kind. As CBS Sports pointed out, there isn’t a single D1 school within the 100-mile requirement of his hometown of Carterville.


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This is just another classic example of the NCAA being an absolute clown show. Do you know who did get an immediate eligibility waiver? Ford’s former teammate Justin Fields, who was cleared to play right away at Ohio State after he left Georgia.

Fields got cleared because a student allegedly used a racial slur when referring to him during a Bulldogs game last season. If that was good enough to clear Fields, then how is a sick grandfather not good enough for Ford?

Where the hell is the consistency? Furthermore, let’s not forget Tate Martell got cleared immediately when he dipped from OSU for Miami and used the Zach Smith situation as an excuse. Again, the NCAA apparently had no problem at all with that.


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The NCAA should honestly be embarrassed with itself. If you’re going to clear Martell and Fields, then there’s no reason to not clear Ford.

At the very least, have some damn consistency. Martell using a coach accused of domestic violence as an excuse to play immediately holds no water compared to a sick grandfather. Seriously, what the hell is the NCAA doing?


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Shoutout to the NCAA. They’ve once again proven themselves to be an organization we should just disband. The lack of consistency would be funny if it was so damn infuriating.

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