Former Florida Football Star Tony Joiner Charged With 2nd-Degree Murder Over Wife’s Death

(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Former Florida football star Tony Joiner has been arrested and charged with allegedly murdering his wife.

According to, Joiner, who played for the Gators from 2004 to 2007, was arrested Saturday in Florida and charged with 2nd-degree murder in connection to his wife Heyzel’s death in 2016.

Heyzel’s death was ruled a homicide two months after her body was found and was “suspicious” to authorities from the jump, according to the same report. It’s not clear at this time what caused police to make Joiner the prime suspect years after the fact. (RELATED: Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Gave His Jersey Number To A Teammate To Finance A Huge Drug Deal)

It’s also notable that Joiner, who won the national title in 2006, is now the second player from the 2007 Florida Gators football team to get charged with murder.

The first was Aaron Hernandez, who ultimately committed suicide in prison after being convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was playing for the Patriots at the time of his arrest.

The “30 for 30” about Urban Meyer’s time at Florida is going to be absolutely lit. He had one player convicted of murder and now he’s got another former player who is facing a 2nd-degree murder charge.

Obviously, Joiner is innocent until proven guilty. That’s the beautiful standard of justice in America, but it’s still not a great look for Meyer.

Most coaches never have a guy charged with murder. The three-time national champion has now had two. Not only was Joiner on the 2007 squad, but he was a captain! Hollywood literally couldn’t make this stuff up if they tried.

Like I said above, the “30 for 30” about Florida is going to be absolutely unreal when it eventually gets made.

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