Major Brawl Breaks Out At High School Baseball Game

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter/Brendan Mackey/https://twitter.com/BMackeySports/status/1137563705183543298

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A wild brawl broke out over the weekend in a high school baseball game between the Laramie Rangers and Miles City Outlaw baseball club in a tournament in South Dakota.

The brawl began when a player was hit by a pitch, and then proceeded to charge the mound. After that, it was off to the races in what has to be one of the most violent high school baseball scenes ever recorded on video. (RELATED: Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out After Bunt Breaks Up No Hitter)


This is an embarrassing look for both of these high schools. If something like this had happened at my high school, I can’t imagine what the aftermath would be. It’s probably best that both these teams just cancel the rest of their respective seasons. (RELATED: Women Grabs Baseball Bat During Wild Brawl, Immediately Gets It Taken Away)

The responsibility for this embarrassment should also be shared by professional baseball players who routinely act like infants during games. An entire generation of young men have grown up watching their heroes throw temper tantrums and act like fools.

This is a sport that needs to be cleaned up.

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