Pelosi Says She Is ‘Done’ With President Trump

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that she is “done” with President Donald Trump after he called her a “nasty” and “vindictive” person while commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France.

“We never criticize a president of the United States when we are overseas,” Pelosi said during an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s annual Fiscal Summit. “The president took a different tack. I’m done with him. I don’t even want to talk about him.”

Pelosi downplayed the fact that she reportedly said Trump should be in prison — potentially the catalyst for the president’s attack — while he was on his official state visit to the UK. (RELATED: Pelosi Reportedly Says Impeachment Too Good For Trump, Should Be ‘In Prison’)


“I don’t care what motivates him, and we never know,” Pelosi said when asked about her alleged comments. “But in front of the tombstones of our fallen … you be the judge as to whether you think it’s appropriate for the president to take that tack.”

The speaker became irritated by Raju’s insistence on pinpointing the source of the feud, adding, “That’s all I’m gonna say about that, I don’t care what you ask anymore. I’m not going to talk about him anymore.”

Pelosi notably accused the president of being involved in a “cover up” last month, just one hour before Democratic leaders were set to meet with Trump at the White House about infrastructure. The president chided Pelosi for her comments and cut the meeting short, saying there would be no deal until Democrats back off impeachment.

Pelosi accused the president of being the aggressor in that situation as well.

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