Raptors Fans Harass Steph Curry’s Mom After Game 5: ‘F–k, You’

(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

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Raptors fans were so upset over the Game 5 loss they even went after Warriors player Steph Curry’s mother.

Fans berated Sonya Curry as she showed up to her hotel with Steph’s father Dell Curry, following close behind after the finals game in a new video that surfaced Tuesday, according to Barstool Sports.

One fan can be heard screaming “F–k you!” multiple times as Sonya yelled something inaudible back at the crowd.

I know sports can get heated, but bringing a player’s mom into this just seems a little despicable. It’s almost like they ran out of insults, so they just turned their focus on his mom instead.

Many basketball fans agreed with me and shared their thoughts in the comments on the Instagram post. (RELATED: Golden State Warriors Win Game 5 Of The NBA Finals Over The Raptors, Kevin Durant Suffers Achilles Injury)

“Whoever was heckling and swearing at Steph Curry’s mother, I hope you fall face first into a hornet’s nest. Immediately,” one user wrote.

“This is sad!! We gotta do better as a city. This goes beyond basketball,” another added.

Many users called out the behavior of the hecklers and labeled them as fake Raptors fans.

“These aren’t real raptors fans smh these r just some buckets who only watched the playoffs and r wildin for no reason,” a user commented.

“Tf wrong w our fans in our first finals,” one added.

I agree. There is something wrong with these fans, and as much as I’d like to see the Raptors take home its first NBA championship, they kind of don’t deserve it after this.