Vote: Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Has The Worst Campaign Logo?


Ellie Gardey Contributor
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Campaign logos have an important influence on voters whether they realize it or not.

Democratic presidential candidates this cycle have unveiled a variety of emblems with strange colors and novel ideas in order to set themselves apart from their opponents.

Perhaps all the yellows, purples and pinks unusual for an American presidential campaign are just pleas for attention in a ever-growing field of candidates.

Some of the attention-grabbing logos haven’t turned out the best. Others resemble strange things that were not the designer’s intention. Still others look entirely unlike a presidential campaign logo.

While many of these logos are pretty bad, which one is the worst? Is it Elizabeth Warren’s entirely bare logo or Amy Klobuchar’s green logo? Cory Booker’s comic book logo or Kirstin Gillibrand’s pink logo?

Vote for which Democratic presidential campaign logo you think is the absolute worst.