Eliminated ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Insinuates There’s A Lot More Drama Fans Didn’t See

(Credit: Youtube Bachelor Nation on ABC / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldlVO_8Pj-U)

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Viewers are terrified that Hannah Brown still has Luke P. in the running for her love after Tuesday’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

The episode was full of drama and concerning behavior from Luke P., but self-eliminated contestant Luke S. admitted there may have been even more action behind the scenes, according to a report published by Entertainment Tonight.

Reminder: We left the end of last week’s episode wondering which Luke Brown would pick between. Spoiler: She didn’t have to pick because Luke S. decided it was time for him to leave.

Luke S. hinted that there’s a lot more that went down between the two dudes besides getting into a he-said-he-said argument over a non-existent tequila brand. (RELATED: Things Get Dramatic Between Between ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestants At Cocktail Party)

“I mean, I’m only allowed to talk about certain things,” Luke S. told the hosts of “Strahan and Sara” after it was revealed that he had left the show.

This is interesting. If there was content MORE toxic than the complete manipulation of Brown’s feelings by Luke P., then I feel like, for the sake of Bachelor Nation, it should have been released!!!

I’d like to say there was more to the episode besides everyone hating on Luke P., but I’d be lying to you. Luke P. gets a one-on-one date with Brown in which she gives him a huge opportunity, to show her who he really is, that he doesn’t even deserve.

He ruins it, of course. The episode ends with everyone praying that the next episode will begin with Luke P. getting kicked off. *Everyone cheers.*

Other notable moments from the show: Mike got the other one-on-one date and Brown got sauced with him. It was fun to see a real moment like that. The guys ACTUALLY got along on the group date (Luke P. wasn’t there obviously). Nothing like a mutual hatred to bring people together.

Here’s to hoping Luke. P is gone this time next week!