Post Malone’s Emergency Plane Landing Was Caused By Blown Tires Due To Weight

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Musician Post Malone’s plane had to make an emergency landing last August on a flight bound for London due to a massive weight issue.

The entertainment world watched in horror as the popular singer flew around with blown out landing gear, and now we know what caused the massive panic. (RELATED: Here’s What A Superstar Musician Had To Say After Surviving Scary Emergency Plane Landing)

TMZ reported the following on the FFA’s report Wednesday:

As for why the tires blew … the FAA says Post’s plane was way too heavy — 12 passengers, 2 pilots, 1 flight attendant and tons of baggage — and the flight crew ignored safety procedures after the first landing by only waiting 20-30 minutes before taking off again, hardly enough time to allow the plane’s brakes to cool down.

Tire maintenance wasn’t the only problem … the plane itself was overdue for a maintenance check by 50 hours. 

How does something like this happen? As somebody who has flown a decent amount, I feel like it’s pretty obvious you shouldn’t be flying with too much weight or without a proper maintenance check.

That seems like day one kind of stuff. Luckily, Posty was able to land without any major problems. I remember watching it in the office.

Literally everybody was hooked as we waited to see what would happen. Thank goodness he survived and it didn’t end in tragedy.

I might ask for my money back if I shelled out for a private jet, and we had to make an emergency landing. It’s one thing if it’s an act of God that forces your plane down.

However, it doesn’t sound like that was the case here at all. It sounds like the problem could have been easily avoided if a little more attention was paid to safety precautions and not so much weight was aboard the aircraft.

After all, this is Posty we’re talking about. We can’t risk losing a generational talent.


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Best of luck to him in the future. Hopefully, he’s a bit more careful choosing his planes.

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