Pro-Trump Actor: Slogan Joe Biden ‘Stole’ From Avenatti Came From My 2016 Speech

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actor Scott Baio claimed Tuesday that the slogan former Vice President Joe Biden “stole” from embattled attorney Michael Avenatti was actually lifted from his speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Baio, who spoke in support of then-candidate Donald Trump, argued in his speech that America had a choice between electing Hillary Clinton — whom he said wanted to “be president for [herself]” — and Donald Trump, whom he asserted would be president “for all of us.” He concluded his address with, “Let’s Make America Great Again, but let’s Make America America Again.”

Biden used the slogan during his speech in Ottumwa, Iowa, last Tuesday after claiming that President Donald Trump was an existential threat to the United States: “[Trump] says, ‘Let’s Make America Great Again.’ Let’s make America ‘America’ again,” Biden said. (RELATED: Scott Baio Blasts Nicole Eggert, Says She Accused Him Of Assault To Relaunch Her Career)

Michael Avenatti, who is facing a number of criminal charges, used the phrase multiple times in 2018 when he was still considering a presidential run, such as his tweet that read, “We must fight fire with fire and we must send a message that we will fight to make America America again.”

The former Stormy Daniels lawyer took issue with Biden using the same language last week.

Baio tweeted at both the former vice president and lawyer Tuesday, saying, “Hey @JoeBiden and @MichaelAvenatti, you BOTH took MY catch phrase [sic] “MAKE AMERICA, AMERICAN AGAIN “from MY original speech in 2016.”

Avenatti told the Daily Caller News Foundation Monday that despite his tweet, he does not begrudge Biden’s use of the phrase: “Since I won’t be using it, I guess somebody should because it’s a damn good slogan and message.”

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