REPORT: LeBron James’ Agent Rich Paul Approached Head Coach About Becoming Assistant For The Lakers

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul allegedly tried to get at least one NBA head coach to become an assistant for the Lakers.

According to Sports Illustrated on Wednesday, a source claimed Paul approached at least one head coach to talk about taking an assistant job for the Lakers. However, Paul denies the claims saying, “it’s not my place.” (RELATED: Magic Johnson Steps Down As The President Of Basketball Operations For The Lakers)

The Lakers also said they have “no knowledge” of any alleged conversations.


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It’s going to be impossible to know for sure what has happened, but literally nothing surprises me at this point when it comes to the Lakers. Nothing at all.

The organization has turned into a gigantic circus, and we all know LeBron James tries to have as much control as humanly possible.

Would it surprise me one bit if his agent was trying to make moves behind the scenes? Absolutely not. Not one bit.


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However, it’d take some next level arrogance to ask an NBA head coach to give up his job in order to become an assistant for King James.

Who the hell would do that? I don’t care what team it is, no head coach is going to give up the reins of an organization in order to be an assistant for Frank Vogel.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, would take that deal. The fact Paul might have even asked is laugh-out-loud funny. Imagine going to a millionaire NBA coach and asking him to take a massive pay cut and demotion for the opportunity to work with LeBron in the backend of his career.


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Never change, Lakers! Never change!

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