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Rick Wilson Goes On Wild And Raunchy Anti-Trump Rant


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Let’s hope small, innocent children and baby bunnies were not on Twitter Wednesday night.

Especially when Rick Wilson, a fierce #NeverTrump GOP political strategist, had a vulgar Twantrum about President Trump. It’s not hard to pinpoint what set him off. On Wednesday, a cringey interview made the rounds in which a vertically challenged ABC’s George Stephanopoulos bizarrely stood over Trump in the Oval saying he would accept dirt on his opponents from countries like Russia or Norway. The clips played incessantly all afternoon and night on CNN.

Wilson, author of Everything Trump Touches Dies, sounded angrier than usual. It seems he found a dictionary of dirty words.

Some standouts: “shitbird,” “cocknozzle,” “fuckery” and “dicks hard.”

Wilson, a columnist for The Daily Beast, says he tries to contain his anger, but I think this is evidence to the contrary. (RELATED: Rick Wilson Says Trump Spends His Time ‘Hoovering Up Rails Of Adderall’)

“You know, I try to keep my anger over this shitbird lowlife peckerwood cocknozzle currently soiling the Oval Office under control,” he wrote. “I really do. I know what and who he is. I understand it more than most. This is a whole new level of fuckery. And no one will do shit.”

Oh, he has inside knowledge the rest of us don’t have? Humility at its finest.

“Wray won’t quit. He should. Coats won’t quit. He should. Haspel won’t quit. She should. They’ll argue their replacement will be worse,” he continued. “This is a pleasant lie they tell themselves. They are powerless and enabling the destruction of our nation at his hands.”

Wilson compared pro-Trump conservatives to sheep who just fall in line.

“They have become honorless, fearful men defending an honorless man,” he continued. “The ‘conservative’ Trump commentariat will defend it with their usual pathetic moral and mental gymnastics, bleating about ‘but Obummer and Killary.’ A hard editorial ‘no’ is the only response. None will.”

And he mocked the so-called Justice Department.

“The ‘Justice’ Department is utterly corrupted by Barr, and will do fuck-all nothing. No one in the GOP Senate will say shit. They should. In the House, the GOP Clown Caucus will run around with their dicks hard, roaring approval for pwning [sic] da libs with foreign intel.”

Dicks hard? Jesus, Wilson. Get a hold of yourself.

“The President of the United States today invited an attack on this nation,” he announced. “He welcomed it. He begged for it, like a cur begging for treats. If we survive this, he’ll be remembered first with derision, then with disgust, then with horror.”

Wilson’s grand finale felt like the opposite of water music at Disney World.

Just all doom and gloom and apocalyptic premonitions. And it isn’t the first time. In August 2018, MSNBC had to bleep Wilson when he went on a profanity-laden tirade against Trump. In that instance, he suggested that Trump was using cocaine. He also called Trump an “asshole.”

“He’s asking for our politics to be truly unbounded and for all sides to go weapons-free,” Wilson wrote Wednesday night. “He’s an agent of chaos and lawlessness. This will not end well.”

Happy Thursday in the world of Washington, D.C. politics.