Scott Berry Wins $100,000 On The St. Louis Blues Winning The Stanley Cup

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Scott Berry made some serious money on the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup on Wednesday night after they beat the Bruins in game seven.

Berry has been in the media a ton lately after he bet $400 on the Blues to win the whole thing when they were the last team in the league. (RELATED: St. Louis Blues Win The Stanley Cup After Beating The Bruins 4-1 In Game 7)

Despite having offers for his ticket and the opportunity to hedge, he never did. Berry was going to ride or die with the $400 for a chance to win $100,000, and it all paid off last night.

I know I was critical of this dude for not hedging, and I still don’t think it was particularly smart. However, it clearly worked out in his favor because he made some major money last night.

The fact his friend also made $50,000 is just the cherry on top. These two dudes went to Vegas in January, took their chances on their team when nobody else would and now they’ve got some serious money coming to them.

Berry’s call to just ride with the $400 and risk getting nothing is an all-time gutsy move.

Of course, all of us critics are the ones who look like idiots now. He’s getting the full $100,000 and didn’t have to waste a penny hedging.

It was risky as all hell, but it clearly worked out for him.

I might have to find this guy’s number so I get his lottery picks. Major props to him for refusing to listen to conventional wisdom. It might not have been a smart move on paper, but he can think about what he’d do different as he counts all his money.

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