Accused David Ortiz Shooter Claims He Shot Wrong Person, Confused Clothing Color

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

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Former Red Sox player David Ortiz’s suspected shooter claimed he shot the wrong person while speaking through a jail cell in a recently surfaced video.

The video shows the suspect, Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, explaining how the shooting incident unfolded from inside his holding cell:

Cruz can be heard saying that he was confused and was only told what color shirt the intended target was wearing while peering through the jail cell window. (RELATED: New Footage Emerges Of David Ortiz Shooting)

The suspect has already confessed to the shooting as part of an $8,000 hit job, but this video shows Cruz explaining that Ortiz was not his intended target in the point-blank shooting that left the former Red Sox designated hitter in writhing pain.

Erick Montilla, a prosecution spokesman, believes that the suspect was simply making up the story to evade a possible longer sentence.

It would be pretty hard to believe that someone would not immediately recognize “Big Papi” if they saw him, especially in a country that rejoices their MLB stars. Ortiz is an extremely well-respected player who has received overwhelming support on his road to recovery.